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Oct. 22nd, 2007


so i am here, in greensboro. oh greensboro, how i dislike you. i plan on staying in my house the entire fall break and watching tv and reading and taking naps and finishing up the edging on my quilt. perhaps i will go for a walk around one of the local trails. and i will probably hang out with friend ben a couple of times. but for the most part, it's hiding in the house for me.

i am sick. i have a cold. i was hoping i would dodge this cold that everybody is seeming to get, but it did not happen. all that chugging "strawberry C monster" odwalla juice was for nothing. oh well, it's gives me an excuse for staying in the house all week.

i just coughed up one of my lungs. oops.

oh, sienna is attacking me now. i must go appease the beast.

okay i'm back. i alsways come back to school from spending a week at home with bite marks and scratches all on my hands and arms. sienna knows my dad and i are the only people she can play rough with, so she takes advantage of me whenever i'm home. she doesn't mean any harm though. she's just playing.

anyway, yesterday my family and i went out into the countrysdie and went to a corn maze. it's a fall family tradition to go through a corn maze. i love corn mazes. i love the feeling of being lost amongst the tall brown cornstalks. i love how the corn encompasses you. it's so magical. after we found ourselves out of the maze, we went to a pumpkin patch and got pumpkins. we will carve them this afternoon. i love fall so much.

i am reading this book right now called "east." it is a teen fantasy novel that i read a while ago and i all of a sudden got an urge to read it again. it's a book book though. i recommend it. it's about a girl who gets taken away by an enchanted polar bear and the polar bear is actually a man and she falls in love with him but then he gets taken away and she has to go find him. it's a lot like beauty and the beast. i really like it though. i love sappy love stories.

okay, time to watch tv.

Oct. 11th, 2007

mellow mushroom, poison ivy, and radiohead

so "In Rainbows" became available for download yesterday. i was really suprised because it only took like 10 or 12 minutes to download. i was expecting it to take forever with the slow ass internet here and because of the massive number of other people downloading it at the same time i was. anyway, the album is pretty good. it's a lot different from their other stuff, so it'll take a little getting used to. there's not much guitar, and q lot of electronic stuff.

i have poison ivy. i never get poison ivy. i've slept out in a friend's field that was infeste with poison ivy and i still didn't get any. but i have it now. it's only a little bit on the side of my hand, but it itches like hell.

my grandparents came into town to visit me on their way to greensboro. i haven't seen them since june. that's a pretty long time to go without seeing my grandparents because i usually see them once every month or two. we went to mellow mushroom for dinner. it had been a really long time since i had gone to mellow mushroom, so i was excited. but they burnt the bottom of my pizza, so my mellow mushroom experience wasn't as good as it could have been. after dinner they took me to wal-mart and bought me maximum strength anti-itch lotion for poison ivy, and a bunch of groceries. you gotta love grandparents.

right now i am eating marshmallow froot loops. they are so good and so bad for you. but i don't care.

it is cold. i'm glad it actually feels like fall now.

Oct. 7th, 2007


so i rode the bus for the first time in about five months yesterday. mike and i wanted to go into town and kale is running out of gas, so we decided to take the bus. let me tell you, i would rather drive downtown and waste gas than ride the bus anyday. last night just solidified my absolute hate of the bus. the bus is full of creepy ass people, it's always late, and it makes me want to throw up. i am never riding the bus again.

Oct. 2nd, 2007


okay, so, OH MY GOD!!!!!! radiohead's new album comes out next week! this is completely unexpected! radiohead sent out an email yesterday saying that the new album was finished, that they called in In Rainbows, and that it's coming out next week! the catch is it is only available to download from the radiohead site for the first few months, but that's okay because you can pay whatever you want for it! no seriously, you can type in whatever amount you would like to pay for the download and they charge you for it! you could get it for free if you wanted to! i typed in 7 pounds, which is 14 dollars, because radiohead's new album is definitely worth more than zero dollars for me, even though it's just a download. i plan to buy the actual physical album when it comes out in stores next year. it's been almost five years since their last album came out! it's been so long! and now i only have to wait 9 more days! wohoo! excitement!

Oct. 1st, 2007

september 30th

so yesterday was mike and i's first year anniversary. we have been together for one year. it's crazy because it really only feels like we are just beginning our life together. it is a good feeling. anyway, we went bowling and i was beating him for most of the time. that was a first. and then we drove through burger king because he was hungry. i love michael.

Sep. 29th, 2007

a continuation on sufjan stevens

sufjan stevens' two state themed albums "illinoise" and "greetings from michigan: the great lakes state" hold special meanings for me. i grew up in michigan, spending 10 years there, and i was born in illinoise and my grandparents live in illinoise. so on both albums i am familiar with most of the things he's talking about, especially on the "michigan" album:

track 1: "flint"- i've been to flint many a time, i hate that town. it's ugly
track 6: "tahquamenon falls"- i've been to tahquamenon falls before. it's in the upper peninsula. it's really pretty. we had to take a row boat to where the falls were. good memories.
track 7: "holland"- this song has even more special meaning for me because my dad grew up there and my grandparents lived there before they died, so i spent a lot of time there as a kid. it's a really nice little town. it's right on lake michigan, so we would go swimming in the cold lake water, and there's a lighthouse there, and a bunch of really nice parks. we would watch fireworks in one of those parks every fourth of july for a while. and it has a large population of dutch-american people (hence the name holland) so there are tulips everywhere. i feel at home there.
track 8: "detroit, lift up your weary head!"- this song is about how horrible detroit is, and it really is a mess of a city. i've been there many a time, having lived only a half an hour away from it. i always hated going there because of all the scary homeless people and all the scary old buildings. and the buildings aren't cool-old, there ugly and scary-old. i hate detroit.
track 10: "sleeping bear, sault saint marie"- sleeping bear is one of my most favorite places in the world. it's a series of really big sand dunes on the coast of lake michigan. legend has it that it is a big mama bear waiting for her cubs to cross lake michigan, but her cubs drowned and never made it, so she continues to wait to this day and the sand covered her up. it's a really pretty place. i've also been to sault saint marie. it's the oldest town in michigan, right on the candaian border. there's a series of soo locks there that let boats pass from lake superior to lake huron because lake superior is taller than lake huron. it's really cool to see.

as for the "illinoise" album there isn't much that i can direscly relate with, it's just that having spent a lot of time there because my grandparents live there. also, both of my parents went to the university of illinois and lived there for a while before and after getting married. so i've heard of a lot of towns he sings about and i know about where they are in the state, and i'm a little familiar with the other things he sings about in relation to illinois. so i just have a connection to illinois through my family and that connection makes the "illinoise" album mean a little bit more to me.

Sep. 27th, 2007

sufjan stevens

so i've been really getting into sufjan stevens lately. well, he's been one of my favorite musical artists since i first found out about him, but i'm really starting to get into him now. his lyrics and his songwriting are just so beautiful and multi-layered, and i love that about his music. i've been going onto songmeanings.net and reading his lyrics and what people say about him and he's a really deep person. he uses words and phrases to explain things in ways i wuold never think of. he's so creative. and he's also really christian. there's christian influences in the vast majority of his songs, but i don't mind it at all. usually if there are really obvious christian, or any religion for that matter, overtones i absolutely hate the music. but sufjan stevens doesn't make a big deal about his faith, he just sings about it because that's part of who he is. his music isn't abrasively christian. and i love how he takes stories and puts them into totally different perspectives. it's just amazing and beautiful. and the music, oh my god. he knows how to get you emotional, either in terms of sadness or excitement. as far as i'm concerned, sufjan stevens is one of the best musical artists out there.

and he is a beautiful beautiful man:

Sep. 23rd, 2007

stomach aches and itchy bumps

i'm sitting here watching my fish. michele is swimming around, occasioanlly resting on a leaf or on the ground. trevor is patrolling the tank as usual. kangaroo isn't moving. she hasn't moved since i got back. i hope she is nt dead.

i have a stomach ache. i don't know why. my stomach and i are always at war with each other. very seldom are we at peace. i think it may have been the noodles i had for dinner, but i've had them before and they didn't bother my stomach then. i also feel rather disgusting. i have all these little red bumps all over me and they itch. i am itching constantly and i'm trying not to scratch but it itches! it's either a allergic reaction to my new laundry detergent, dry skin, or scabies. i hope it's not scabies. but if they don't go away in about a wek, i guess i will go to th health center.

this weekend was really awesome. took jenn and michael with me to greensboro to see a cirque du soliel show. we stayed at my parent's house, and that was really fun. my mom told me that she really enjoyed having them over, and that they are welcome anytime. i think that is a good sign. she also said she approves of mike because he seems to treat me well despite bing a little quiet. and she said that jenn was crazy, but the good kind of crazy. congratulations jennifer and michael, you are now part of the family.

anyway, saltimbanco was amazing. it was very colorful. and there was this awesome act with a man and a women wearing boots and doing a poi type of thing. they made all these crazy rhythms using their boots and the balls at the end of the ropes they were swinging around. whenever i go to a cirque du soleil show i pretend that i'm one of the artists and i think about how cool i would be if i was one.
these are the cirque du soleil shows i have seen:

i am tired. i took a two hour nap this afternoon though so i don't feel tired. i feel tired and not tired at the same time. i hate when this happens.

Sep. 16th, 2007

cornfields and fall

this weekend was wonderous. the air is the absolute perfect temperature. the sun is warm, but not warm enough to burn my skin. the breeze brings cripsy freshness. i love fall. it is my favorite season. i love summer too, but fall is my favorite. i have such good memories tied to fall. drives through the golden mountians, pumpkin patches, bonfires, clear skies, halloween. fall gives me such a feeling of contentness and wholeness. i don't know what it is about fall that does that to me.

yesterday i bought a new set of colored pencils (they have no wood in them!), and my first two woodcarving tools. i am really liking this printmaking thing, and i think printmaking is what i really want to do. so i bought two nice woodcarving tools. i can't wait to use them in my next printmaking class. also yesterday jenn, gretchen, and i sat in the park downtown and journaled. i am happy that i have gotten some people into journaling. i really believe it what most people need. anyway, so we sat in the park and watched the pigeons for a while until the bums started scaring us.

last night i started sewing all the layers of my quilt together. my quilt is only two more steps from being done: i have to quilt it and then add edging. i can't wait to finish it.

this morning after i woke up mike we went to waffle house. he was hungry and breakfast was over.

this afternoon i started drying the paper i made in my papermaking class. it is rather pretty paper. i can't wait until i can do stuff with it.

my hair is nasty. i am going to take a shower tonight.

i have to start working on a project about egyptian art. i think i'm going to focus on one of their goddesses, perhaps the godess of fertility. i forget her name.

i wish i was out walking around right now, but i have homework to do...

Sep. 12th, 2007


so i've been keeping this journal for the past five days. i am loving it. whenever i have a few minutes where i'm not doing anything i'll just take out the journal and write a few sententces and/or draw something in it until i have to put it away. it's a really good way to pass the time. and it's doing wonderful things for my creativity. bottom line, everyone should have a journal.

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